What Can Intivion’s Multi-Level IB Module Do for Your Brokerage?

The forex space is one of the most competitive in the financial services arena and we at Intivion understand this. Succeeding requires not only a strategic approach and a commitment to continuous improvement but the right tools and resources. Such demand has created a premium for this type of service, with IBs consistently looking for the most innovative and flexible programs to boost their business. We have got you covered! In order to help reconcile the needs of we have engineered a multi-level IB module for IBs. What can this platform do for you? Our unique hybridized IB program has quickly gained traction in the industry, helping enable IBs to broaden their horizons, improve affiliate success, and drive revenue development.

Why You Should Be Using Intivion’s Multi-Level IB Module

One of the fundamental elements of our multi-level IB module is its commitment to affiliate success. This platform goes beyond the traditional model, providing IBs with both the tools and resources they need to flourish in today’s competitive financial world. The platform empowers you with a wide of options for creating a world-class partnership program. We firmly believe that having the correct tools is a mandatory requirement – whether you are an established IB or just starting out. Schedule a demo today with us Our platform simplifies the overall process of developing a powerful partnership program that resonates between both partners and clients. This ranges from customizable landing pages to marketing materials, and much more. Of course, in the world of IB partnerships, one size does not fit all. Our goal was to design a versatile program around this reality, offering customizable rebate schemes that can be adjusted to your specific requirements. This adaptability enables IBs to design incentives that both attract partners and correspond with their objectives. Our clients understand that access to real-time data is also a necessity in the fast-paced financial industry. As such, our platform features sophisticated reporting tools that provide real-time insights into affiliate performance, conversions, and commissions. With this information, you can make informed judgments and fine-tune your tactics. Furthermore, the service provides a suite of marketing tools that make it easier to promote collaboration arrangements. These materials, which range from banners to email templates, allow our IBs to efficiently contact their target audience.

Multi-Level Affiliate Program and Benefits

The strength of our hybrid IB module is found in its multi-level affiliate program. This feature enables all IBs to recruit partners, who may then expand the network even further. These advantages are two-fold, first, fostering increased reach. Through multi-level affiliate agreements, you can reach a larger audience. As our partners add their contacts, their network grows organically, reaching clients who might otherwise go unnoticed. Secondly, as a network grows, so do revenue prospects. You can earn commissions not only on direct recruits but also on clients obtained through their sub-affiliates.

Adapt to Any Strategy

We believe IBs require extensive data to fine-tune their strategy. Our multi-level IB module provides extensive affiliate statistics that cover key criteria. This data enables IBs to make data-driven choices, whether it’s tracking conversions or monitoring partner performance. The platform enables post backs, allowing for smooth connection with third-party systems. This feature streamlines operations and ensures that data flows smoothly between tools and platforms. In this industry, we know that managing an affiliate network can be a difficult endeavor. That’s why we have made this easier than ever by providing a comprehensive dashboard that provides a comprehensive view of affiliate activities. Everything, from partner onboarding to performance tracking, is available through a single, user-friendly interface.

Hybrid Platform and API Integration

Our hybrid IB module does not only function as a stand-alone platform but is also built for easy connectivity with other systems. This adaptability is integral for IBs who already have an existing tool suite in place. The platform’s strong but flexible API enables easy data flow, allowing you to take use of the best of both worlds. Ultimately, the goal of any IB is to convert partners into growth hackers who actively contribute to revenue production. Our platform is tailor made to this end and can provide you with the tools and incentives you need to become effective growth drivers.

A True Multi-Tier System that Expands your Horizons

Our cutting-edge technology enables IBs to create a thriving partner team that expands their reach and maximizes revenue. Build your partner team and expand your revenues with us today. This solution can provide you with the tools you need to survive in the competitive world of finance, with its multi-level affiliate network, adjustable rebate structures, real-time data, and comprehensive dashboard. The usage of a multi-level IB module as powerful as this can disrupt how you approach partnership programs. Whether promoting affiliate success, access to a wealth of tools, or enabling seamless integration, we have got you covered.