altimacrmx with leverate

Intivion’s AltimaCRM Integrated with Leverate’s Sirix Trading Platform

Premium CRM solutions have developed into an essential service for FX, CFDs, and cryptocurrency brokers. As such, it comes as no surprise to us at Intivion that our innovative AltimaCRM has been integrated with Leverate’s Sirix platform, a leading supplier of technology services.

The integration of our CRM helps provide brokerages with a comprehensive solution, fostering improved client interaction, smoothing out operations, and elevating overall service delivery to clients.

AltimaCRM’s integration with Leverate’s Sirix trading platform is testament to the engineering prowess and utility of our services suite. The move helps solidify our company as a key player in the retail space as well as expanding our market footprint to new levels.

The new partnership will also allow Leverate’s brokers to provide their traders with access to our in-house solutions that will help them make informed trading decisions and manage risk effectively. Additionally, Leverate is also onboarding our freshly developed multi-level IB system, helping brokers to encourage and reward their IBs, while encouraging them to bring in more brokers and increase revenue for the company.

This stance was echoed by Ran Strauss, Leverate’s CEO and Co-Founder who endorsed AltimaCRM, stating “We are delighted to join forces with Intivion to offer brokers an enhanced solution that will help them maximize their potential in the market. Our technologies combined will give brokers the edge they need in order to stay ahead of their competition.”

AltimaCRM: A Broker-Specific Solution for Leverate and the Industry

AltimaCRM provides cutting-edge technology solutions that are tailored to meet the specific demands of brokers and service providers. AltimaCRM is one of our flagship products, functioning as a highly customizable resource across multiple segments of the trading industry.

Indeed, we understand that client engagement is essential to the brokerage sector. This is why AltimaCRM has helped enable brokers’ business in a world where fluid communication and unique services are both critical and necessary.

Our CRM has been methodically designed to provide brokers with a diverse set of tools and features focused at enhancing their relationships with clients. This utility and customizable interface is what made our solutions so attractive to Leverate and its Sirix Trading Platform.

In addition, our platform provides a wide range of features that can help brokers manage their clients in an optimized manner. Using this technology, brokers can maintain a high level of client engagement and build long-term relationships in any industry.

An All-In-One CRM

What can AltimaCRM do for Leverate and its brokers? For starters, we engineered a CRM that is built around capabilities that enable brokers to manage and develop customer relationships.

Complete with a streamlined client onboarding process, we designed the CRM to make any client’s experience both seamless and hassle-free. This includes the provision of secure document submission and verification methods that collectively ensure regulatory compliance.

Our CRM includes communication tracking, helping brokers compile a detailed record of customer contacts. With this mosaic at their disposal, brokers can tether their services and communications to each client’s unique needs or preferences.

Moreover, AltimaCRM boasts flexible financial management solutions. These solutions ensure that brokers can handle and control their clients’ financial information in a secure and transparent manner. This feature also focuses on data security and compliance, making sure all operations keep running smoothly.

We believe that client engagement is a mandatory requirement in an increasingly competitive industry. Our technology facilitates personalized communication, whereby granting brokers the ability to adjust messages, offers, or any services to each client’s specific preferences or needs.

AltimaCRM also harnesses powerful analytics to deliver useful insights into client behavior and preferences. Using this data, brokers can make informed judgments, offer specialized goods and services, and ultimately deeper client connections.

Leading the Way Forward with AltimaCRM

The integration of our AltimaCRM with Leverate’s Sirix Trading Platform ushers in a new era of customer relationship management for brokers. This collaboration also underscores our dedication innovation and excellence within the industry.

We have long been regarded as a pioneer in the field of technology solutions. The integration of our AltimaCRM demonstrates our commitment to pushing the limits of what is possible in the B2B industry.

By providing our clients with the highest standards of service, we are always looking to transform the way brokers interact with their clients and elevate the industry to new standards of service.

To learn more about AltimaCRM and how this solution can help your business, schedule a demo with our expert team today.