Adopting innovative tools and platforms is a mandatory requirement for both brokers and IBs to succeed in a competitive retail industry. This is a key driver for the increased popularity and interest in our multi-level IB program at Intivion, which was recently integrated with Leverate’s Sirix Trading Platform.

2023 has been an active year for us, with our product suite really gaining traction in the industry. Our AltimaCRM and multi-level IB module have become mainstays in the forex and retail trading space, having already inked multiple deals over the past few months.

That our multi-level IB program continues to gain market exposure is hardly surprising to us, given it was engineered to be a flexible and innovative module for any IB. The platform’s latest integration with Leverate’s Sirix Trader will help take its interest to new heights.

This stance was reiterated our CEO and visionary behind the program, Prasad More who noted, “I look forward to the exciting opportunities that lie ahead as we embark on this dynamic partnership journey with Leverate, delivering unrivaled value and cost-effective solutions via our multi-IB program.”

Why Intivion’s Multi-Level IB Module is a Game Changer

There is no shortage of IB tools and programs out there for affiliates, so what makes ours so special? For starters, we have engineered a platform that goes way beyond the traditional range of functionality and adaptability.

Our program has empowered IBs on both ends, equipping them with the resources and utility that can help them navigate any issue with ease. The integration of our technology with Sirix Trader will look to provide several benefits not only to Leverate but to any IBs using the platform.

In particular, the inclusion of our multi-level IB module with Leverate’s Sirix Trader will look to accomplish this aim, helping its brokers expand their business, manage partners, and monitor performance.

One of the primary advantages in our product lies in its recruitment capabilities. The module’s unique structure enables IBs to recruit partners, who can subsequently keep expanding and grow their respective network. In doing so, our technology is designed for IBs to carve out a comprehensive network of partners, dramatically growing their market reach in the process.

Taking Data Processing and Analytics to Another Level

Another important element that sets our platform apart from others is its ability to utilize of data and affiliate analytics to track partner performance. The simple, but powerful feature gives IBs the ability to track their partners’ performance in real time. We understand how instrumental data is to any broker’s strategy, which is why we made this a point of emphasis in designing the program.

The multi-level IB platform’s data-driven strategy ensures that brokers can make educated decisions, discover high-performing partners, and ultimately optimize their strategies for highest impact.

IBs looking to maximize their control over referral tracking and commissions can also take advantage of the platform’s post backs. This feature is useful for any IBs that are looking to reconcile tracking techniques to assure accurate remuneration for their partners.

Arguably the most appealing attribute of the multi-level IB platform is its flexible API interface. The prevalence of an in-house module that can integrate effortlessly with any existing IBs’ tool suite is certainly an exception, not a norm in today’s industry.

This compatibility provides a smooth transition into the existing workflow for IBs, many of whom have already invested in specialized tool and technologies.

Gain a Competitive Edge with Our Multi-Level IB Program Today

Our platform provides a host of benefits and advantages for any venue looking to take their growth, performance monitoring, and capabilities to the next level in 2023 and beyond.

The recent integration of our platform with Leverate’s Sirix Trader is the latest proof it’s adaptability and potential. All IBs who have onboarded our multi-level module have enjoyed a competitive advantage over others by having access to the largest suite of tools and resources at their disposal.

Most importantly, the platform’s uniquely designed interface can accumulate a network of partners that is conducive for expanding one’s reach further than they ever previously thought possible.

It should come as no surprise to existing users that our module is disrupt the way IBs function in the retail space. See how our multi-level IB program can empower your business to recruit partners, harness data, and seamlessly integrate into your technology stack.

Schedule a demo today with us today and explore the potential that only our multi-level IB can bring.