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For a forex CRM that makes customer service a breeze, brokers choose Altima. Every. Single. Time.

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Better Customer Service Is Just A Call Away

Forex brokerage customer service doesn’t have to be an uphill battle. With AltimaCRM Call Monitoring, you can deliver world-class client care with ease.

Monitor your agents’ calls, ensure absolute regulatory compliance, and guide your team toward better Forex customer service for all.

Don’t let poor client care hold your business back. Sign up for a free demo today to see exactly how AltimaCRM can transform your business.

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Real Time RecordingReal Time Recording

Real-Time Recording

AltimaCRM call monitoring will record your agents’ conversations in real-time. Dive into a call to listen along or play them back later for ongoing training.

Choose Altima for world-class brokerage technology.

In Depth Data Call DataIn Depth Data Call Data

In-Depth Data Call Data

Altima continually collects and documents call data, creating in-depth data insights that you can use to improve your agents’ skills over time.

Forex marketing has never been so easy.

Custom Built Forex SolutionsCustom Built Forex Solutions

Custom-Built Forex Solutions

Altima provides forex solutions that are custom-built for your brokerage platform. Customize your call monitoring system into a bespoke piece of state-of-the-art brokerage technology.

A Forex CRM solution that you can rely on.

A Forex CRM That Streamlines Your Brokerage

Make customer service your #1 strength with Altima Call Monitoring

Improve Agent Customer Service

Make training and improvement an active process, shaping your customer service agents for the better.

Increase Sales

With better communication, sales strategy, and client-care skills, your agents will make non-stop conversions.

Check Off Regulatory Compliance

Forex solutions need to adhere to regulatory compliance. With our call monitoring, your agents will always tread on the right side of regulation.

Get Our All-In-One Solution

AltimaCRM offers a full-suite forex CRM, seamlessly integrating to form a comprehensive system for your brokerage.

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