Transform Your Brokerage with a World-ClassForex CRM System

AltimaCRM offers powerful brokerage technology, giving your team, your customers, and your business the industry’s best possible experience.

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Build the Brokerage of Tomorrow with Our All-In-One Solution

Your customers deserve the very best support, guidance, and assistance possible. With AltimaCRM, you’re able to revolutionize client care, strengthening customer relationships across your forex brokerage.

Use data-driven insights to accelerate your growth, extend your global reach, and create a sales pipeline that customers just can’t refuse.

With customizable data reporting and visualization tools, multi-level IB management, and seamless integration, AltimaCRM will push your brokerage further than ever before.

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Real Time RecordingReal Time Recording

Centralized Data Dashboard

Defeat data silos and receive customer information, trend mapping, and operational insight into a single source of truth.

From managing accounts and deposits to facilitating sales conversions, Altima unlocks the true power of your brokerage.

In Depth Data Call DataIn Depth Data Call Data

State-of-the-Art Communication Suite

From live-chat functionality to agent call monitoring, Altima gives forex brokerages an unbeatable suite of communication tools.

Take control of customer management with our unique forex CRM system. Trust us, your customers will thank you.

Custom Built Forex SolutionsCustom Built Forex Solutions

Data-Driven Reports and Insights

Altima continuously collects data points on your customers, using them to present insights that help you forge stronger client relationships and beat out your competitors.

The future for forex marketing is personalization. With Altima, that future is only a click away.

The Innovative Forex CRM Solution You’ve Been Searching For

Give your forex brokerage the tools it needs to succeed.

Make Forex Marketing a Breeze

Our comprehensive forex solutions allow your business to conduct multi-channel marketing from a single platform. Step into the future of brokerage technology with AltimaCRM.

Engage with High-Performance Customer Support

Streamline your sales and customer care funnels with enhanced support, customized settings, and multi-level systems management.

Boost Employee Retention

With cutting-edge forex CRM tools, your employees have everything they need to excel and deliver unparallel customer experiences. With full support, your employees will get more done while feeling more satisfied at work.

Save Time and Streamline Operations

AltimaCRM’s intelligent tools allow forex brokerages to automate complex workflows. From KYC/AML to client registration, our solution saves your business time.

Ready To Scale Your Forex Brokerage? AltimaCRM Will Be There Every Step of the Way