Harness the Industry’s Leading Partnership Program

Altima IB empowers IBs with a versatile and expansive affiliate program, designed to maximize revenues and accelerate business growth.

for any and every client need, helping drive growth and performing several specialized functions seamlessly.

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Turn Your Partners into Growth Hackers and Become Elite with Altima IB

Looking for a solution that disrupts the way brokers approach partnership programs? With Altima IB, you can recruit partners, process data, and seamlessly integrate into any technology stack.

Use a hybridized IB model to adapt to any strategy, recruit partners, grow a network organically, and reach a larger audience.

With API integration, a flexible rebate structure, and multiple levels of affiliate referrals, Altima IB can create a rewarding ecosystem for your business and lead flow.

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A True Multi-Tier System That Expands Your Horizons







Flexible Rebate StructureFlexible Rebate Structure

Flexible Rebate Structure

Versatile payout plans to suit any business goal. Configure rebates and pay out on a percentage basis.

Altima IB enables IBs to design and unlock incentives that both attract partners and correspond with their objectives.

Real Time ReportingReal Time Reporting

Real Time Reporting

Harness sophisticated reporting tools that provide real-time insights into affiliate performance, conversions, and commissions.

Altima IB processes detailed data reports to make informed judgments and fine-tune your tactics.

Hybrid Affiliate SolutionHybrid Affiliate Solution

Hybrid Affiliate Solution

Eliminate pain points and streamline your operations by using an all-in-one platform for IBs and affiliates.

Altima IB is built to maximize efficiency and reach through multi-level affiliate agreements.

The Tools You Need to Build a World-Class
Partnership Program

Customizable solutions to kickstart your scalable partnership program.

Our comprehensive forex solutions allow your business to conduct multi channel marketing from a single platform.
Step into the future of broker technology with Altima IB

API integration

Using Altima is effortless with a flexible API integration that is compatible with any technology stack. Make optimal decisions with accurate data feeds and campaign performance via your CRM and backend.

Improve Affiliate Connectivity

Build a reputation for transparency with informative alerts to affiliates capable of tracking registrations, P&L, and more.

Target a Wider Audience

Altima IB provides a suite marketing tools that make it easier to promote collaboration. IBs can efficiently contact their target audience using banners, email templates, and more.

Snowball Any Network

Recruit partners and grow any network. You can earn commissions not only on direct recruits but also on clients obtained through sub-affiliates.

Bespoke IB solutions that work for your business.